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This gets me a sorta fast auto fire for the FN57 pistol but I continually will have "hiccups" in the speed. The speed of the firing also varies between the guns I test this on even while keeping the macro the same. Has anyone else attempted this with the Logitech software or have any solutions? Also, is there a way make the macro function as. 19.08.2017 · Logitech LUA script, no recoil with RAPID FIRE HELP So I use the followed script, it's the no recoil code that @ asscold1 posted. I made 2 lines which are simulate the left click continuously. In the Logitech gaming application, you should be able to create macros. I'm away from my computer but it should be roughly something like this: create a new macro > multi key function > right click > add mouse function > "left mouse button" > then add a really short delay > repeat those two steps for as long as you want > then bind that macro.

hey guys wassup. i know that the talk of using macros is frowned upon in this community, and i understand why, however id like to know how to use it more for educational puropses. im using the razer deather 2013, and really like the mouse, however when i try and setup a macro using Synapse, and plug ut back into the xim it has no effect. is. I have the Fal setup on rapid Fire using my sentinel v2 60ms on 60ms off with a hold to repeat and it works perfectly. Compared to the scroll wheel with infinite scroll on it works just as well but I can slow it down too if I feel like conserving ammo. logitech g502 recoil macro - Imgur: 5 hari yang lalu -5 hari yang lalu -Logitech G502page 3 3 Forums Battlelog Battlefield 4. What are the best5 hari yang lalu -5 hari yang lalu -Logitech G502page 3 3 Forums Battlelog Battlefield 4. What are t Logitech Gaming Software: Rapid-Fire Macro Tutorial

26.05.2019 · After browsing the macros here for a while, I saw most of the macros are just either No-Recoil, or Rapid Fire. So I made one with NO-RECOIL, RAPID FIRE, QUICK LEAN. All of the macros above are 100% UNDETECTABLE in both casual and ranked plays. P.S. Unless you try to be Shaiiko and use it in Pro League, because of ESL's special anti-cheat. 13.08.2017 · Im new to the macro scene and I am looking for the best Logitech G502 macros for PUBG mainly no recoil and possibly rapid fire I have seen a few scripts floating around but i'm not sure which is best, Could some one please give me there experiences and with what script it was with please?

Finden Sie hilfreiche Kundenrezensionen und Rezensionsbewertungen für Logitech Proteus Core G502 Tunable Gaming Maus auf. Lesen Sie ehrliche und unvoreingenommene Rezensionen von unseren Nutzern. I own two G402, G602, G700, three G933, four G502's regulars, a G502 Hero, & the new G502 Lightspeed. I love the gear, but some of the features on the newer G502's LS/Hero are not working as it did with my older G502 regulars with the old Logitech Gaming Software.

I really doubt they'd ban mouse drivers, had no trouble with steelseries engine or logitech's software since I got my G502. Inputs to CS:GO are disregarded after a certain rate, don't know exactly what it is but since you're allowed to bind fire to scroll wheel I doubt you'd be OW banned for it. Is it bannable to use logitech/razer mouse rapid fire mode? Discussion I just want to know as I've read that softwares like AHK are illegal but mouse that have rapid fire buttons are legal.So, 2 questions. In any instance when you come up aginst a player using a rapid fire macro which you never know till you are dead and you realize that the m16 that was shootting like a fully auto AR killed you or by the sound of the weapon if you put enough hours in the game to tell the diffrence. Logitech G400 Rapid Fire Auto Clicker Macro Hello everyone, In that video I will show you how to make an auto clicker macro for 'Logitech' mice and mainly for. 05.10.2018 · [Buying] logitech g502 no recoil Macro Script Pubg 08/26/2018 - PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds Trading - 2 Replies Logitech g502 no recoil Macro Script Pubg Die neuen Waffen sollten enthalten sein! Ich suche kein Logitech Script mit Tastatur!!!! Bezahlung per PP&FF.:mofo: Logitech Rapid Fire Script/Macro.

Auto click macro possible with G502/APEX?

07.09.2016 · Habe kürzlich die G502 Proteus Spectrum erstanden und kann leider in WT-Matches keine Makros mit Wiederholungen nutzen. Im Ingame-Menü von WT funktioniert es hingegen tadellos! In meinem Bsp. wird die Snipertaste mit der Leertaste belegt, welche dann mit 50-200ms Abständen die Leertaste drückt, b. Now i wish i had recorded this game but i can assure you that the player was using scripts to rapid fire his shots. Its funny how when its 1 v 1 the shots become rapid fire which no way was due to clicking. this is the type of player that thinks hes above and beyond. Well keep your scripts i just hope it doesnt become a fad that every kid uses. Amazon's Choice for rapid fire mouse ZELOTES Professional LED Optical 2400 DPI 7 Button USB 2.4G Wireless Gaming Mouse Mice for Gamer Black 3.7 out of 5 stars 40.

Logitech G402 Hyperion Fury Gaming Maus, 4000 DPI Optischer Sensor, 8 Programmierbare Tasten, Taste zur DPI-Umschaltung, 32-Bit-ARM-Prozessor, Leichtgewicht, PC/Mac - Kostenloser Versand ab 29€. Jetzt beibestellen! Logitech Gaming Software - Maustasten werden nicht in Makros eingebunden. Testberichte, Kaufberatung und Hilfe zum Thema Maus, Tastatur, Webcam und weiteren Peripheriegeräten. Habe natürlich die Logitech Gaming Software runtergeladen. Im Moment funktionieren nur die Tasten oberhalb des Daumens hinlegen/Gasmaske. Diese Funktionen konnte ich ganz normal im Einstellungsmenu von BF festlegen. Aber sowohl die Taste vorne am Daumen, als auch die Tasten links neben der linken Maustaste werden dort nicht erkannt. 26.11.2013 · Rapid Fire Script, works in 99% of games Discussion in ' Gaming Archive ' started by Fuzz, Nov 9, 2013 with 30 replies and 31,145 views. Page 1 of 2 1 2 Next >.

i7-4770@3.9Ghz@Scythe Katana 4@2xNocuta NF-A9x14 4x4Gb,HyperX Beast@2400mHz CL11,Asrock Z87 Extreme6,Asus Radeon RX Vega 64 ROG Strix OC,Corsair K70 RGB MX RedO-Ringmod, Logitech G502, MMX 300.

I went to G502 settings on my pc, made a multi key macro for the DPI-Up button that is to the left of the click button. I made the macro into rapid fire B key script. Then I went into XIM Manager, to my destiny 2 profile, and made an auxiliary confit in which “fire” is bound to the B keythe key which I made a macro of earlier. And then.VIDEO: logitech gaming software: rapid-fire macro tutorial - this is athis is amacrofor black ops 3, some other games might not play so well with them. so, i was requested to do this and here it is.Because that is called cheating, not skill. And you are also an A hole for using it. Also you will get banned. Everyone with a no-recoil rapid fire cheat is reported. Make no mistake the more reports on your record the closer to getting banned you will be. Innocent or not. They go byof reports. Some Macro setups allow for variable rate ms.

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